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Devote Your All to Christ

When we devote our all to Christ, we learn to prioritize Jesus in our lives and also experience joy in doing so. 

We’ve heard time and again from General Authorities that we live in the most spiritually dangerous era of the world’s existence. Many of the weapons that Satan uses against us now are different from those he used years ago, but several are ones he’s used since the beginning. One of Satan’s weapons is to tempt us with things that distract us from prioritizing the gospel. We must learn to prioritize the gospel in our lives and build a framework of habits that help us align our lives with Christ.

Can creating such a framework be hard to do? Of course! When we commit ourselves more to things outside of the gospel, such as jobs, families, or sports, it’s hard to find time to do simple yet important things, such as reading the scriptures, saying prayers, and thinking of the Savior. But these simple tasks can make all the difference. Fortunately, if we put the Savior before everything else, we’ll be rewarded for our efforts. 

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In the talk “True Disciples of the Savior,” Elder Terence M. Vinson says that “it’s not our successes but rather our sacrifice and efforts that matter to the Lord. . . . There is no treasure, nor any hobby, nor any status, nor any social media, nor any video games, nor any sport, nor any association with a celebrity, nor anything on earth that is more precious than eternal life. So the Lord’s counsel to every person is ‘consider your ways.’” As Elder Vinson teaches, we must be ready to give our all to the Lord. We must be ready to leave our fishing nets behind and follow the Savior.

Let’s not put off our commitment to God until an elusive tomorrow. If we are truly committed to the Savior, we’ll prioritize him above everything else.

To learn more about being disciples of the Savior, read “True Disciples of the Savior,” by Elder Terence M. Vinson

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