Don’t Get ‘Cheetah’ed out of Spiritual Safety

When the adversary’s forces push against you, how can you find true spiritual safety?

Photo by Ryan Cheng

We live in a world that is increasingly antagonistic. How can we maintain safety from the spiritual dangers around us? Elder David A. Bednar, in his talk “Watchful unto Prayer Continually,” shares three important lessons for safeguarding ourselves (the topis—a type of antelope) from the evil around us (the cheetahs).

Lesson 1: “Beware of Evil’s Beguiling Disguises”

Cheetahs in Africa don’t live in plain sight. They keep under cover in order to stalk their prey and wait for the perfect moment to attack. Likewise, Satan doesn’t tempt us in obvious ways, but rather, he waits for us to come to him. He finds the best methods to disguise himself in ways we don’t often pay attention to.

Lesson 2: “Stay Awake and Be Alert”

Topis in Africa stay together. Those charged with keeping an eye out for the dangers on the prairies stay up high on termite mounds to get the best view that they can. When danger gets too close, the lookouts signal to the entire herd, and it moves off into the distance. “We need to stay awake and be alert to the promptings of the Holy Ghost and the signals that come from the Lord’s watchmen on the towers.” Are we watching from high places for possible dangers?

Lesson 3: “Understand the Intent of the Enemy”

Cheetahs don’t give up. Their intent is to catch their prey. As Elder Bednar put it, “all day, every day, a cheetah is a predator.” In the same way, Satan is always the “enemy of righteousness” (Guide to the Scriptures, “Devil”). 

Don’t let Satan rob you of spiritual safety. Be alert and prepared for the spiritual promptings that come so you can keep yourself safe from the adversary’s vigilant attacks. 

Read more about the cheetahs in our lives in Elder David A. Bednar’s talk “Watchful unto Prayer Continually.” 

Source: General Conference

—Oakli Van Meter, Latter-day Saint Insights 


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