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Facing the Future in Uncertain Times

When we face uncertain times, we can combine the Savior’s grace with hard work to propel ourselves forward toward a better future.

The COVID-19 outbreak has made 2020 a tough economic year. No one has it easy. My roommate just finished his master’s degree in statistics. He had a full-time job lined up, but about a month ago, HR called: no more job. At the last minute, he had to scramble to find a part-time job as a research assistant. 

This summer, I will graduate with my degree in chemical engineering, and I am still struggling to decide whether to go to graduate school or to start a full-time job. As I plan for the future in these uncertain times, I’ve been looking for resources to aid me in my transition from full-time undergraduate student to full-time employee—or maybe full-time graduate student. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has two fantastic resources: Employment Services and Self-Reliance Services

Among other types of assistance, Employment Services offers an Accelerated Job Search (AJS) Program in which you meet weekly in an online group with a trained job coach to discuss employment strategies. Self-Reliance Services coordinates facilitator-led groups that meet weekly to discuss employment, education, personal finances, or tips for starting and growing a business. You can contact local Church leaders to find out about self-reliance groups in your area.

"Through the power of Christ, and through our own effort, we can work for the spiritual and practical needs of life." —Self-Reliance Services

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The “About” section on the Facebook page of Self-Reliance Services reads, “Self-reliance does not mean that we can accomplish or obtain anything we want. If we are self-reliant we believe that through the power of Christ, and through our own effort, we can work for the spiritual and practical needs of life.” With closed markets and increasing unemployment rates, many of us are experiencing fear and frustration about the future. As we struggle to keep moving forward, we can remember that we aren’t alone. Christ is at our sides, rooting for us to succeed. Heavenly Father is there too, ready to guide us through the Spirit—we need only listen.

So let’s give it all we’ve got. We are on a winning team. Spiritual and temporal self-reliance can be ours if we trust in Christ and face the future with determination despite uncertain times.

For help as you face uncertain times, check out the Employment Services and Self-Reliance Services websites. You can also visit the blog and Facebook page of Self-Reliance Services to learn how to best meet the “spiritual and practical needs of life.”


[Byline] —Brady Davis, Latter-day Saint Insights


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