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Four Ways to Be an Everyday Missionary

By committing to be missionaries for the rest of our lives, we can help others experience the joy and peace of the gospel.

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Many members of the Church have served missions across the world and know firsthand the blessings of sharing the gospel. But whether you served a full-time mission or not, the time to be a member missionary is now. In his BYU devotional address “Be a Missionary All Your Life,” Elder Quentin L. Cook discusses four ways we can be effective member missionaries:

  1. Commit to Be a Missionary All Your Life: The gospel is meant to be shared with others. We don’t do the world any good by hiding our light under a bushel! Commit to share that light with others.
  1. Overcome Feelings of Hesitancy and Inadequacy: At times, we all feel inadequate about sharing the gospel. Even some of the Lord’s prophets and leaders have felt inadequate when asked to do missionary work (for example, see Moses 6:31–34). But if we do our best, the Lord can strengthen us and grant us success.
  1. Don’t Get Discouraged: Sometimes, others won’t want to hear about the gospel. But don’t ever give up. Elder Jeffrey R. Holland once said, “I am convinced that missionary work is not easy because salvation is not a cheap experience.” Missionary work is tough, but it is worth it.
  1. Be a Good Example and Always Share the Gospel: It’s one thing to tell others about the gospel, but it’s another to show others the gospel. As we live our lives, we should look for opportunities to share our beliefs through example, not just through conversation.

Read Elder Quentin L. Cook’s article “Be a Missionary All Your Life” to learn what other blessings come from missionary work.

Source: BYU Speeches

—Sarah Brown, Mormon Insights

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