Getting to Know Christ’s Women Disciples

Though women are mentioned less frequently than men in the New Testament, they were very important to Christ and his ministry.

Camille Fronk Olson, chair of the Department of Ancient Scripture at Brigham Young University, explains little-known treasures about New Testament women in her article “They Ministered unto Him of Their Substance: Women and the Savior.” She shows that these women’s lives were changed by their interactions with Christ and that they were important in his ministry.

Although Mary (the mother of Jesus), Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Salome, the widow of Nain, and many other women are mentioned in the New Testament, readers are told little about them. These women traveled with Jesus and “ministered unto him of their substance” (See Luke 8:3), meaning that they gave him what he needed from what they had.

“Mary Magdalene and the other women mentioned in the New Testament stand as witnesses to Christ’s divinity, the importance of His sacrifice, and the unchanging love of God.”
—Camille Fronk Olson

The fact that these women were willing and able to provide for the Savior makes them unusual. It suggests that they had money and that their families probably supported them in their attempts to follow the Savior.

The stories of these women are remarkable—particularly that of Mary Magdalene, the only woman mentioned in each of the four Gospels. She was healed by Jesus, witnessed his crucifixion, assisted with his burial, and was the first mortal to see the resurrected Christ. In her article, Sister Olson explains how Mary Magdalene and other New Testament women stand as witnesses to Christ’s divinity, to his sacrifice, and to the unchanging love of God.

Read Camille Fronk Olson’s full article, “They Ministered unto Him of Their Substance: Women and the Savior.”

Source: Religious Studies Center

—Marissa Compton, Mormon Insights

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  1. It’s nice to learn more about the female disciples during Christ’s ministry and to learn of their faith and devotion to the Lord.

  2. I would be very interested to read the full article. I love reading about the Savior’s personal relationships with women in the New Testament. Very inspiring article.

  3. I really appreciate the point that we can serve Christ and be an important part of His kingdom no matter what kind of resources we have. We’ve all been given different talents and circumstances but God accepts all of our heartfelt offerings.

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