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Obtaining Salvation for You and Your Ancestors

By doing temple work for our ancestors, we develop gratitude and love for them and recognize the significant role we play in their salvation.

Cynthia Doxey, associate professor of Church history and doctrine at Brigham Young University, says that we are “noble and great ones” who can help our ancestors receive exaltation. “You were selected to come to earth at this time, in this place, doing what you are doing under these favored circumstances. You are among the noble and great ones of our Father’s kingdom.”

As a chosen generation, we have the responsibility to help those who came before us by doing family history and taking our own family names to the temple. We often forget how much our lives have been affected by our ancestors and that somewhere beyond the veil they are cheering for us. These ancestors want us to carry on their name because we belong to them and they want us to succeed.

Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we can make covenants and enter the celestial kingdom, but many of our ancestors were unable to make those covenants. However, the Lord promises that those who didn’t get the opportunity to receive the gospel but would have done so if given the chance can still gain salvation if their temple work is done (see D&C 138:32–35).

“Salvation is a family affair,” Doxey says. Through family history and temple work, we can develop gratitude and love for our ancestors who have given us so much.

Read Cynthia Doxey’s article, “Do You Know Who Yo​u Really Are?

Source: Religious Studies Center

—Breanna Simmons, Mormon Insights

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  1. This is such an interesting article about family history. Thank you for sharing!

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