A House Built for Everyone: How the Temple Is for You

No matter what your life experiences are, the temple can be a source of joy and guidance for you.

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I’ve never received any big revelations in the temple. That just hasn’t been the role of the temple in my life. Sometimes, I’ve doubted whether I’m truly worthy to have such spiritual experiences.

But after reading the Church News article “New Temple Presidents Testify of the Power of the Temple,” I realized that even if I’m not getting some grand revelation, that doesn’t make attending the temple any less of a spiritual experience. Temple blessings can come in a variety of forms.

The article describes different temple experiences and perspectives of four newly appointed temple presidents and their wives. One couple relates how the temple became a guide when they were converted, while another president describes how the temple provided comfort during times of sorrow. Based on the couples’ diverse experiences, they gave the temple many different titles: “a house of revelation,” “a place of healing,” and “a second home.”

Seeing such a variety of temple blessings, I pondered how the temple has helped me. Every time I go, I’m able to forget the stresses of life. It’s always a sacrifice to go to the temple, but when I do, the temple allows me to set aside my worries and just take a deep breath. The temple is a place of relief.

For me and these four temple presidents, the temple has become what we need it to be. Whatever the temple is to you, it was built exactly for that. That’s the beauty of the house of the Lord: it was built for you.

Find out more about these temple presidents’ unique stories by reading the full Church News article: “New Temple Presidents Testify of the Power of the Temple.”

Source: Church News

—Christina Crosland, Mormon Insights

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