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How Do I Know if I Am Worthy?

Feelings of doubt and guilt can make us feel as if we aren’t doing enough to be worthy. If we are honestly trying our best to follow Jesus Christ, we are worthy.

In the struggle of mortality, it can be hard not to stumble over even the tiniest of things. When we do stumble, it can also be hard not to berate ourselves when we compare our imperfections to the perfection of Christ. We should remember that we are mortals and that the commandment to be perfect is meant to be fulfilled only in the next life.

“Worthiness is being honest and trying. . . and we must strive to keep God’s commandments and never give up just because we slip up.” By Bradley R. Wilcox

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Even when we remember that achieving perfection in this life is impossible, the fact that we often fail can feel like a thorn in the foot. We may feel that we aren’t worthy of God’s love and blessings. In the talk “Worthiness Is Not Flawlessness,” Bradley R. Wilcox tells us, “Worthiness is being honest and trying. We must be honest with God, priesthood leaders, and others who love us, and we must strive to keep God’s commandments and never give up just because we slip up.” As long as we are honestly trying to keep God’s commandments, we can be assured that we are indeed worthy.

We also need to remember that feelings that push us to repent of our sins and to come unto Christ are good. But Satan doesn’t want us to repent, so he’ll make us feel as if it’s too late for us to repent or that we are unworthy. Don’t let those feelings win. God loves you. If you don’t feel that love, talk to your bishop and he can help you.

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Read Bradley R. Wilcox’s general conference talk “Worthiness Is Not Flawlessness” to learn more about worthiness.

Source: General Conference

—Aidan Hill, Latter-day Saint Insights


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