How to Use Technology for Lifelong Learning

Using some key organizational skills, anyone can successfully manage both the spiritual and the temporal parts of life.

Technology is a major part of our day-to-day lives. We use it in numberless ways: to plan, to learn, to research, and to develop ourselves. Many church leaders have spoken about using technology in our efforts to further our spiritual and temporal progression. They have given us key guidance for using technology to our advantage and keeping it from being a detriment. Elder Kim B. Clark gave such guidance in his article “Learning for the Whole Soul.”

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In this Ensign article Elder Clark instructs us to first, build a spiritual foundation for all of our learning. Second, he emphasizes the importance of being “lifelong learners.” Finally, he discusses what he calls “deep learning,” meaning the “learning of the whole soul—the mind, the heart, the body, and the immortal spirit.” All types of personal development are thus connected to our spiritual development. President Joseph F. Smith taught that “knowledge is a means of eternal progress,” and Elder Clark adds that “new technologies make it possible for learning and education to flourish.” Technology is now one of the primary ways we attain knowledge, and can therefore aid our eternal progress.

Technology can also help us develop our whole souls by organizing all the many areas of our lives. Life today can easily get complicated and cluttered with school, work, church, family, friends, personal hobbies, and goals, but technology can help us “organize [ourselves]” and “prepare every needful thing” so we can “seek learning, even by study and also by faith” (D&C 88:119). When you’re using technology the right way, it can expand your horizons and help you progress towards a more perfectly developed you.

Read Elder Kim B. Clark’s full talk, “Learning for the Whole Soul.

Source: Ensign

—Kimber Severance, Mormon Insights


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