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With the challenges facing our world today, young adults may feel hopeless. By focusing on Christ, we can have hope and joy that we’ll want to exclaim to others!

Many consider the exclamation point to be an ugly, unprofessional punctuation mark that should be avoided at all costs. But as President Kevin J Worthen points out in his speech “!” (yes, an exclamation point is the title of his speech), we should remember what it represents: exclamation. There are some things in this world that we should be excited about, to the point that we want to exclaim that excitement to the world and share it with others. Part of being human is celebrating noteworthy things that have great meaning in our lives and learning to have joy and happiness in this world. Even with the troubles going on in the world, there is still much to be joyous about, especially when you live a Christ-centered life.

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President Worthen adds that the exclamation point should also remind us to have resilience. Living a Christ-centered life and trying to share the gospel with others will not always be easy or even enjoyable. We need to learn how to take in the bad times with the good times. When we do this, we’ll truly find joy in sharing the gospel with others, and we’ll naturally want to “exclaim” the gospel to others so they can experience that joy in their lives as well. As we follow Christ and his gospel, we can help alleviate others’ burdens and bring more joy into this world even amidst its troubles.

Check out the whole article to find out other life lessons we can learn from punctuation.

Source: BYU Speeches

—Parker Cook,  Latter-day Saint Insights


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