Lose Yourself to Find Yourself: Service Brings You to Christ

When devastating mudslides destroyed neighbors’ houses, members of the Church left everything behind to help with the cleanup.

"Serve the Lord with all [your] heart, might, mind, and strength." —Henry B. Eyring

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“Brothers and Sisters, we just found out that the recent rainfall has flooded several houses with mud up Angeles Crest. We ask anyone who is willing and able to go help with the aftermath.”

As I sat taking in the news, I watched as countless people in my ward rose from their pews and beelined to their cars in the parking lot. No words were exchanged; no one had to think twice. They simply got up and left, giving their neighbors the help that was so desperately needed.

That day has stuck with me for many years. I think about it often and consider the faith of the Saints in my ward. I watched as they ignored their own trials and immediately went to the relief of others. In the talk “Fear Not to Do Good,” President Henry B. Eyring discusses the idea of not being afraid to help others. He promises that as we “plant in our hearts a testimony of Jesus Christ, we gain the power, the desire, and the courage to go to the rescue of others without concern for our own needs.”

President Eyring details the aftermath of two natural disasters, describing the lengths that the faithful members of the Church went to in order to help those around them. Just as I saw in my own ward, President Eyring saw people coming to the rescue of others. He saw them forgetting the problems in their own lives and seizing the opportunity to serve. Similar reactions take place all around the world in the aftermath of natural disasters. We see members of the Church constantly volunteering.

This selfless service stems from faith. We all must have enough faith in the Lord that we’re willing to forget our own needs and help those around us. We need to remember President Eyring’s instruction: “Pray always. Be believing. Serve the Lord with all our heart, might, mind, and strength.”

To learn more about how Saints have served, read or watch President Henry B. Eyring’s talk “Fear Not to Do Good.”

Source: LDS General Conference

—Maisy Ward, Mormon Insights

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