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Losing Your Life to Find It

Sometimes we need to give up what we want so we can have what Heavenly Father knows we need most.

man sitting next to the ocean: "He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it" from Matthew 10:39

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When we don’t know how to get to where we think we want to be in life, we should remember the Savior’s counsel that “he that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it” (Matthew 10:39). But what does Christ mean when he tells us to lose our lives for his sake?

In a CES devotional address, Elder D. Todd Christofferson  explains how we can put this seemingly paradoxical statement into practice in our lives. Elder Christofferson gives three suggestions based on Jesus Christ’s own remarks:

  1. Take up your cross. Elder Christofferson explains, “Taking up one’s cross is a daily life of avoiding all that is unclean while affirmatively keeping the two great commandments—love of God and love of fellowman.”
  2. Confess Christ before others. Although we are not likely to be martyrs for the cause of Christ, our words and actions should consistently testify of our loyalty to the Savior in our everyday life.
  3. Forsake the world. We should pursue worthy goals, but not with worldly motivations. We forsake the world as we measure success by our ability to live in harmony with Heavenly Father’s will for us.

If our efforts to lose our lives for Christ’s sake ever leave us feeling overwhelmed or discouraged, we can turn to him and find the help we need. When the Savior gave his will and his life to the Father, he not only saved his own life but also offered redemption to us all.

Check out the article, “Finding Your Life,” or watch the full CES devotional address that the article came from.

Source: Ensign and Liahona

—Alicia Stanton, Mormon Insights

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  1. This article’s message brought tears to my eyes. I have seen how this is true during my own personal hardships. I know that Christ will guide us in life if we fully put our trust in him.

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