More Holiness Give Me—More Savior Like Thee

All requirements to enter the temple relate to personal holiness.”—President Russell M. Nelson

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After the October 2019 General Conference ended, I kept thinking of these words: happiness and holiness. While President Russell M. Nelson was giving his closing remarks, he shared the temple recommend questions that were recently edited for clarity and mentioned that the April 2020 General Conference will be different.

President Nelson states, “The Lord wants all His children to partake of the eternal blessings available in His temple.” President Nelson asks us to be worthy to enter the house of the Lord by doing these four specific things: (1) be more like the Lord, (2) be an honest citizen, (3) be a better example, and (4) be a holier person.

We have been asked to prepare not only for the temple but also for the upcoming general conference. Although President Nelson was specifically referring to the April 2020 General Conference, which he says “will be not only memorable; it will be unforgettable,” his invitation applies to every general conference. He left us with two challenges: (1) read Joseph Smith’s account of the First Vision and (2) ponder important questions regarding the Book of Mormon, the events that followed the First Vision, and the influence the First Vision has had on our lives.

So instead of just passively waiting for the next general conference to roll around, we need to prepare ourselves by following the Savior’s example, being honest, and being a better example. By so doing we will be worthy of a blessing from a prophet of God that we “may become happier and holier with each passing day.” In order to be happier, we need to be holier, or in other words, “more Savior like thee.”

Read more from our living prophet President Russell M. Nelson regarding the blessings of the temple in his address titled “Closing Remarks.”

Source: General Conference

—Pamela Nelson, Latter-day Saint Insights


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