More Than an Ugly Duckling

"You are not ordinary, rejected, or ugly. You are something divine--more beautiful and glorious than you can possibly imagine." - Dieter F. Uchtdorf

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If we could see ourselves clearly, we would know that we are worth more than we ever thought possible.

Too often we compare our hidden weaknesses to others’ displayed strengths. Our inadequacies glare beneath the spotlight of our own scrutiny, and we start doubting our worth. However, in the talk “The Reflection in the Water,” President Dieter F. Uchtdorf reminds us that we are extraordinary. Even moments of self-doubt can’t change our divine worth.  

President Uchtdorf compares the “ugly duckling” to the process of understanding who we are. Like the ugly duckling, we sometimes view ourselves as worthless and inadequate. But also like the ugly duckling, we can discover our true identities. President Uchtdorf reassures us, “You are not ordinary, rejected, or ugly. You are something divine—more beautiful and glorious than you can possibly imagine.”

When I heard President Uchtdorf’s words, I felt the Holy Ghost testify that I was a child of Heavenly Father, who loves me infinitely. Though I had always struggled to comprehend my worth, I slowly began to understand President Uchtdorf’s statement that “if only we understood who we are and what is in store for us, our hearts would overflow with such gratitude and happiness that it would enlighten even the darkest sorrows.”

By glimpsing my true reflection, I’ve become more like the person God knows I can be. It’s easy to forget—but so important to remember—that we are divine beings, with divine heritages and destinies. Knowing this truly can change everything.

To learn more about discovering who we truly are, watch President Dieter F. Uchtdorf’s full talk: “The Reflection in the Water.”

Source: Mormon Channel

—Nicole Meyers, Mormon Insights

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