Mountains Out of Molehills

Our situation may seem rough in the midst of our trials and hard decisions. Who can we turn to for help?

Mountains are beautiful; in many parts of the world they surround us with their towering peaks and treacherous slopes. We often see these slopes as a challenge and try to conquer the mountains by hiking them. We gather groups of friends and family and attempt to reach the peak. Sometimes we achieve success, and sometimes we don’t.

In his devotional “Why Mountains?”,  Michael A. Dunn shares a story about a hike that he overcame with the help of a guide and the support of his friends and family. He shares that “often our perception of what we think we can and cannot do is far different from the reality of what we can and cannot do.”


Navigating life is often like hiking. Sometimes the road is rolling and easy, but sometimes it is impossible to see the steepness of the path ahead. We sometimes face molehills, and sometimes those molehills turn into mountains. However, we can overcome our mountainous trials, especially as we focus our faith on Jesus Christ and His Atonement. Our Heavenly Father never intended us to travel through life alone, be it up a mountain or over a molehill.

Dunn encourages, “I simply want to urge you onward and upward in your journey.” We can always reach out and receive support from friends, family, and church leaders. You have the power to conquer your molehills and your mountains by putting faith in Christ and gaining the help of leaders.

Read and watch Michael A Dunn’s full devotional “Why Mountains?”


—Megan Crook, Latter-day Saint Insights


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