How Ordinary Women Can Become Extraordinary

Heavenly Father sees value in us, and he designed each of us with the potential to become someone incredible. How will you choose to be extraordinary?

"Being a daughter of God means that if you seek it, you can find your true identity." —Jean B. Bingham

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It’s easy for women who live “normal” lives to feel less valuable than those around them. We might not be as popular, beautiful, funny, or talented as we wish we were—but there is hope. We can all be extraordinary.

Jean B. Bingham directs her talk “How Vast Is Our Purpose” toward women in the Church who feel like they are just average but hope for more. Sister Bingham shares details about her own ordinary life: she was never popular, she was not exceptionally good at anything, and she thought her life was mostly average, but she still found ways to embrace the life she was given. Sister Bingham suggests three ways we can become extraordinary women.

  1. Discover your talents, and use them to serve others. We are all unique, but we have a common thread that ties us together: Relief Society. As sisters in the gospel and members of “one of the oldest and largest women’s organizations in the world,” we can build each other up by discovering our gifts and using them. Our Heavenly Parents have blessed us with gifts that can help us strengthen and serve those around us.
  2. Recognize that you are the daughter of a divine king. Do your best to become like him. Try to be obedient to his commandments. Focusing on striving to live with your Heavenly Parents again will “take you farther than you now think is possible.” Heavenly Father did not choose a select few to rise above the rest; all women have “been taught and prepared and gifted premortally with marvelous potential to become queens in the celestial kingdom.”
  3. Love your sisters. Each of us can reach out and “be an influence for good.” Fulfill your divine potential by finding ways to serve others and develop the Christlike attribute of charity. You can show your love for your sisters through fulfilling your visiting teaching assignment, listening with genuine care, and asking for opportunities to help.

Heavenly Father has provided everything we need to become spectacular women, and he is happy with our efforts when we try to become more like him by loving and serving those around us, developing our talents and divine gifts, and working toward the goal of returning to live with him.

Read “How Vast Is Our Purpose” to find more ways to make your life extraordinary.


—Nicole Terry, Mormon Insights

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