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Seeing Ourselves Through Christ’s Eyes

How can we feel loved even during hard times when we may not believe in ourselves?

A few years ago, I felt completely alone. I was living far away from my family, I didn’t have any close friends nearby, and I was confused about my future. After weeks of feeling this way, I finally broke down and prayed. I asked to know if I was loved, if I mattered, and if I had a purpose for my life. I got my answer. It came as a feeling I won’t ever forget, and it confirmed to me that I am loved, that I do matter, and that I do have a purpose. This experience taught me about how God sees me. We all have divine potential, even if we don’t always feel it.

Sister Michelle D. Craig, in her talk “Eyes to See,” explains how seeing ourselves as God and Christ see us is one of the most important things we can do. They help us see ourselves for “who we really are—sons and daughters of heavenly parents, with a ‘divine nature and eternal destiny.’”

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What if we don’t know what our eternal destiny is? Sister Craig says to “ask God to reveal these truths to you, along with how He feels about you. The more you understand your true identity and purpose, soul deep, the more it will influence everything in your life.” We don’t have to go through hard times alone. God wants to uplift us, help us reach our divine potential, and show us the love that he has for us. 

Read Michelle D. Craig’s full talk “Eyes to See” to discover how we can also help others see that they are loved through Christ.

Source: General Conference

—Rebecca Youngs, Latter-day Saint Insights

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