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The Greatest Blessing

In a world where distractions constantly compete for our attention, giving our whole selves to the gospel of Jesus Christ leads us to receive the greatest blessing—the gift of eternal life.

In Mark 10, when the rich young man denies the Savior’s counsel to sell all his belongings, take up his cross, and follow Christ, the young man ultimately denies an opportunity to receive the greatest blessing—the gift of eternal life. 

In his October 2021 general conference talk, “The Greatest Possession,” Elder Jeffrey R. Holland reminds us that we are to give our whole souls to following Christ “with the same uncompromised commitment that was expected of that young man.” 

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We each have flaws and habits that may hold us back from total devotion to the gospel of Jesus Christ. But don’t forget that our Heavenly Father and our Savior, Jesus Christ, can cleanse us from our sins, help us become better, and ultimately give us “another heart.” God can transform us and lead us to eternal life if we seek his influence in our lives. 

When we actively choose to be “all in” in the gospel of Jesus Christ, Elder Holland reminds us that God has promised us innumerable blessings, including increased peace in our hearts, love for others, and strength to overcome our challenges. But, above all, we can be blessed with the gift of eternal life.

Read more from Elder Jeffrey R. Holland’s talk about the blessings promised to those who give their whole selves to the Lord: The Greatest Possession.”

Source: General Conference

—Emma Valentine, Latter-day Saint Insights


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