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Single, Faithful, and Struggling

"The church is for all members." Howard W. Hunter

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Although faithful Latter-day Saints can struggle to find their eternal companion, that does not mean the Church isn’t meant for us.

For young adults who feel they can’t seem to get a second (or even a first) date, it can be particularly painful to be surrounded by married and engaged friends. This heartache is often compounded by living in an LDS culture in which marriage is both desired and expected. But knowing our divine worth and our place in the gospel can help us when we struggle with being single.

In an Ensign article titled “The Church Is for All People,” President Howard W. Hunter reminds us that “all of us, single or married, have individual identities and needs, among which is the desire to be seen as a worthwhile individual child of God.” Regardless of marital status, everyone is loved by Heavenly Father. It can be difficult to remember this when our righteous desires, like getting married and starting a family, aren’t being fulfilled. Remember that God is not withholding blessings from us; instead, he has a plan for us that will be fulfilled within his time frame.

President Hunter also offers a welcome reminder that being single does not equate with being less faithful or less worthy. “This is the church of Jesus Christ, not the church of marrieds or singles or any other group or individual,” he says. All worthy members of the Church receive God’s blessings, and through the Atonement, Jesus Christ himself empathizes with those who struggle in their search for an eternal companion. If we feel left out of the Church because we are not married, we can embrace the unity of the gospel of Christ.

The promised blessings of eternal companionship and eternal covenants will come to all—whether in this life or in the next—but they will come to those who are worthy. President Hunter encourages our progression, saying, “While waiting for promised blessings, one should not mark time, for to fail to move forward is to some degree a retrogression. Be anxiously engaged in good causes, including your own development.” Staying faithful to and engaged in the gospel will help us find reassurance in God’s plan, no matter our marital status.

Read President Howard W. Hunter’s full talk “The Church Is for All People” to find out more about God’s love and plan for everyone.

Source: Ensign

—Brett Peper Ruff, Mormon Insights

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  1. This is a good article. It’s easy to think something must be wrong if you’re missing blessings or opportunities you think you should have. But sometimes the answer is “not yet.”

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