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The Light to Guide You Home

Even when you are far from home, remembering your foundation on Christ and the power of prayer will help light your way home.

We all have different memories that remind us of home, whether that be the smell of popcorn during family game night or a movie that we used to watch every Christmas with our family. These memories may prompt us to yearn for home, even if that home may be far away.

“I invite you to remember to be faithful, to turn your life to the Savior and build your foundation on Him.” –Elder José A. Teixeira

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An example of such yearning for home can be found in nature. After leaving their birthplaces, salmon remember scents in order to find their way back home from the ocean. In his April 2021 general conference talk, “Remember Your Way Back Home,” Elder José A. Teixeira shares how this fact about salmon inspired him to share how important it is to recognize and remember the way back to our heavenly home.

Elder Teixeira shares four truths we can remember in order to faithfully stay on the path back to Christ: (1) that we are children of God, (2) that our foundation is on Christ, (3) that prayer is powerful, and (4) that serving others is important. Each of these truths shows that Christ is our foundation and should be at the center of our lives. By remembering these truths, we can be reminded to be faithful, to be spiritually stirred, and to make the world a better place.

Although the past year and a half has been filled with trials for a lot of us, and not all of us have had the privilege to see and spend time with our loved ones, there will come a day when we can eventually return home. Just as we have memories that remind us of our earthly home, we can use the truths that Elder Teixeira discusses to remind us of the path to our eternal home with Heavenly Father. 

Discover more about the reminders we can give ourselves and the things we can do to stay on the right path in Elder José A. Teixeira’s talk “Remember Your Way Back Home.”

Source: General Conference

—Kenedie Stewart, Latter-day Saint Insights


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