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Ways to Prevent a Casual Testimony

With the difficulties of COVID-19, it’s important to find ways to keep your testimony strong. Let’s look at some ways to strengthen it!

Many people in the world were hit hard by the effects of COVID-19, both physically and spiritually. With social distancing and other restrictions, temples have been closed and some people can’t even attend church in meetinghouses. Due to the restrictions, many of us have felt like our testimonies in the gospel are weakening and we are trying to find ways to keep our testimonies strong—something that may seem a bit daunting. However, strengthening our testimonies may be easier than it seems.

Maintaining a strong testimony doesn’t require performing complicated tasks. Elder Taniela B. Wakolo highlighted that idea in his general conference talk “Saving Ordinances Will Bring Us Marvelous Light.”  Elder Wakolo also noted that we must be vigilant in shepherding our own souls, as well as others’, even if it’s through simple actions. We can take Elder Wakolo’s warning to heart that “casualness leads to casualties.”

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Here are some ways Elder Wakolo suggests so we can keep our testimonies strong:

  1. Take the sacrament every week
  2. Perform small acts of service, like texting those we minister to or baking cookies for someone
  3. Read the scriptures
  4. Write about spiritual experiences in a journal
  5. Show gratitude to our Father in Heaven every day

These little actions can constantly serve as reminders of our Savior’s love and the power of his Atonement. Remembering our Savior, keeping his commandments, and following the council given to us by the prophet and other General Authorities can help us keep our testimonies strong and be prepared for trials ahead.

Read Elder Wakolo’s talk, “Saving Ordinances Will Bring Us Marvelous Light.” to learn more about how keeping our covenants and ordinances can help us through difficult situations.


—Bronte Rath, Latter-day Saint Insights 


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