Engage in the Wrestle: Seeking Spiritual Answers

What is the difference between a doubter and a seeker? The answer is all in the wrestle.

Spiritual wrestling leverages the strength of true doctrine to overpower our weaknesses, our wavering faith, and our lack of knowledge. --Sheri Dew

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The world today seems to draw questions out of dark corners, blurring the lines of morality and casting shadows on the light of faith. When these questions arise, many people may feel uncertain about their beliefs. Sheri Dew encourages these people in her BYU–Idaho address “Will You Engage in the Wrestle?

Sister Dew differentiates between doubters and seekers: while doubting involves rejecting truth and faith, seeking involves engaging in a spiritual wrestle so the Lord can teach us spiritual truths. She explains that in the sport of wrestling, the champion wrestler knows how to leverage his strength to overpower his opponent. In spiritual wrestling, we leverage “the strength of true doctrine to overpower our weaknesses, our wavering faith, and our lack of knowledge.”

To be a seeker, we must learn spiritual wrestling skills:

  1. Engage in the wrestle.
  2. Immerse ourselves regularly in the scriptures.
  3. Work to be increasingly pure in thoughts, words, and actions.
  4. Listen for the Lord’s instruction.

As we become seekers and strengthen our faith, the Lord will individually assist us in finding answers to our gospel questions. The spiritual wrestle requires constant effort, but the payoff—personalized revelation—is worth the exertion.

Read or watch Sherri Dew’s “Will You Engage in the Wrestle?” to learn how you can leverage the Lord’s power and be personally tutored by the Holy Ghost.

Source: BYU–Idaho Speeches

—Morgan Lewis, Mormon Insights

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  1. Thank you for this article! Wrestle is a good way to describe trying to find answers, not because you are fighting God, but because you have to push HARD to beat preconceived ideas, doubts, and weaknesses. The answers do come though, and you come out the other end that much stronger.

  2. I think another difference between doubters and seekers is where and how they look for answers. Seekers go to the source and look for reasons to believe.

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