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3 Ways to Make a Great Life

What’s the secret to a happy, fulfilling life? It all comes down to three simple things.  

"In addition to making a living, [those who love God] are making a life." -Elder Lynn G. Robbins

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Have you ever wished there was a key to making a good life? We all want to have a happy life with meaning and purpose, but we also have a difficult time figuring out how. Sometimes it can even feel impossible. With all the choices that we must make in our lives, how do we decide which choices are the right ones—the ones that lead to happiness and fulfillment?     

In the article “Making a Living, Making a Life,” Elder Lynn G. Robbins lists three things we can do to make our lives great:

  1. Focus on building the Lord’s kingdom. Remember that building the Lord’s kingdom includes building strong and valiant families.
  2. Be honest in your dealings with others. Use your God-given talents to serve others.
  3. Fill your life with good works. Do things that positively affect your community and the world.

Elder Robbins states that people who focus on these things find satisfaction and meaning in all aspects of their lives. “In addition to making a living,” he writes, “they are making a life.”

Though there’s not one single way to create a good and happy life, we can find joy in our lives as we build the Lord’s kingdom and serve others. And maybe that’s the key after all.   

To see more of Elder Lynn G. Robbins’s suggestions for creating a great life, read his article “Making a Living, Making a Life.”

Source: Ensign

—Emma Chapman, Mormon Insights


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