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5 Ways to Become Converted to the Lord

Conversion is a lifelong process of dedicating our lives to Christ. Here are a few simple habits that we can develop to help our conversion continue.

Becoming converted to the Lord isn’t a one-time event or a casual process. But it also doesn’t have to be intimidating or confusing. In the talk “Converted unto the Lord,” Elder David A. Bednar  mentions five habits described in Helaman 15:7–8 that we should develop to increase our conversion. These habits include small, daily actions that build a powerful relationship with Jesus Christ.

Habit 1: Read and believe the scriptures. When we take time each day to read the scriptures, we’ll build a solid understanding of the doctrine and teachings of Jesus Christ. By understanding the fundamental elements of who Christ is, we can come closer to him.

Habit 2: Exercise faith in Jesus Christ. Some ways to exercise faith include praying, acting on spiritual promptings, magnifying our callings in the Church, and keeping the commandments.

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Habit 3: Repent. To repent is to change our actions so that they are in line with God’s commandments. Repenting can take the form of following a commandment that we previously haven’t, stopping an action that isn’t in line with our beliefs, or changing any behavior to more closely follow Christ’s example.

Habit 4: Experience a change of heart. This habit is a little less identifiable than some of the others because it can happen subtly as we are working on the previous three habits. Experiencing a change of heart means that our hearts are softened, which makes it easier for actions such as reading the scriptures and praying to become ingrained in us.

Habit 5: Endure with steadfast faith. This last habit might sound simple enough, but we need to be diligent in maintaining good habits and making good choices so that our progress on the path to conversion isn’t stopped because we become complacent.

If traveling along the path of conversion still seems daunting, we can start by developing just one good habit and then use that habit as a stepping-stone to establishing more good habits. The Lord wants us to come unto him, and he’ll lead us along as we continue on our journey of conversion.

Learn more about how to continue on your path of conversion by reading David A. Bednar’s general conference talk “Converted unto the Lord.” 


—Sara McOmber, Latter-day Saint Insights 


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