Moments of Awe, Moments of Faith

Sunlight shining through the clouds with a silhouette of a tree.

When God’s light feels dim, he asks us to have faith by remembering moments of past light. In a moment of enlightening awe, I saw God’s plan for me in clear focus. I stood up after receiving a priesthood blessing and knew that Heavenly Father was guiding me through the… Continue reading

Failure—It’s All Part of the Plan

A woman writing on a chalkboard.

When failure becomes motivation, we can learn and grow from any outcome. While pursuing his undergraduate degree at BYU, Matthew O. Richardson failed a chemistry test.  He hurried out of the classroom after stuffing the test with the red “76” scrawled at the top into his backpack. In disbelief, he… Continue reading

Called to Be an Apprentice

A man using woodworking tools.

Because we are not yet masters, God has not asked us to produce a masterpiece. Instead, he invites us into his workshop as apprentices to Jesus Christ. At age 17, I struggled to pound and twist and mold my messy life into a masterpiece. Alone, I strove to right my… Continue reading

Faith in the Giver of Blessings

A fire lighting up the darkness.

When our faith is placed not in blessings but in the God who gives them, we will find strength to withstand our trials. Three young men found God in a furnace. Thrown into the flames for sustaining their religion, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego grasped for faith with their words, “Our… Continue reading