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Questions and choices surround us, but one choice is vital for our spiritual growth: the choice to be willing to believe in Christ.

“Why do you believe in God?”

The question bursts out before I can stop it. I’m holding back tears, looking desperately at my dad. If anyone had an easy way out of religion, it was my logical, no-nonsense father, and I needed to know why he was still faithful. After 10 agonizing seconds, he answers me: “I believe in God because I choose to. It seems infinitely better than not believing in anything at all.”

Photo by Ina Hoekstra

The idea of choosing to believe in God was reinforced through the recent general conference talk “Are You Still Willing?” given by Elder Kevin W. Pearson of the Seventy. Elder Pearson emphasizes the importance of the word willing in the sacrament prayers we hear each Sunday. Jesus Christ has willingly given us the ultimate gift: he atoned for our sins and promises peace and grace—if we choose to willingly believe in him.

“Faith in Jesus Christ is a choice,” Elder Pearson says. He quotes Alma 32:27, explaining that faith starts with a desire to know God. Our good desires can grow into faith, but they won’t be able to unless we make the choice to focus on our Savior.

In my 17-year-old mind, I thought I didn’t have faith. I wanted to believe in God and his promises, but I thought my wanting wasn’t good enough. But God doesn’t demand perfect faith immediately; he just “requireth the heart and a willing mind” (Doctrine & Covenants 64:34).

Since that night, there have been lots of choices before me, including education, marriage, and family. But one choice has been consistent: I choose to believe in God.

Read “Are You Still Willing?” to learn more about what Elder Kevin W. Pearson says about willingness.

Source: General Conference 

—Rachel Webb, Latter-day Saint Insights


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