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Joy Through His Perspective

How can we be happy in difficult circumstances? When we align our vision with God’s, we find joy through his perspective.

If we see an eight-ounce glass with four ounces of water sitting on a table, our perception of the glass at half capacity tends to vary—it could be half full or half empty. Whatever our conclusion, our observation is all a matter of perspective. Approaching a situation negatively is just as possible as approaching it positively.

"Putting things is perspective is a valuable skill that allows us to progress in the midst of sometimes confusing information or conflicting viewpoints." By Jean B. Bingham


Even in the midst of possible negativity, we can see our circumstances through the eyes of an all-knowing, loving God. In her speech “How to Be Happy Now—and Forever,” Sister Jean B. Bingham advises Brigham Young University students to find joy through five keys that unlock our Heavenly Father’s complete and eternal perspective. 

One key Sister Bingham suggests is prioritizing. A tangible action that leads to spiritual results, prioritizing helps us “progress in the midst of sometimes confusing information or conflicting viewpoints” and accomplish all things in the right time and order. Prioritizing can be difficult to master, but this shift in perspective will help us find the ray of joy in an otherwise gloomy day. When our responsibilities overwhelm us, when the world grows violent, and when the adversary works to distract us from our goals, we often need a reminder that we can find happiness. As we prioritize the things of God, our vision elevates, and our cups run over (see Psalm 23:5)—no longer simply half full.

To discover the other four keys to finding happiness by maintaining an eternal perspective, visit Sister Jean B. Bingham’s talk “How to Be Happy Now—and Forever.”

Source: BYU Speeches 

—Rachel Roberts, Latter-day Saint Insights


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