Millennial Starter Package: Faith and Family

Millennials must cherish the essentials—faith and family—in order to endure these latter days.

"It was clear to me that choices have eternal significance." -Quentin L. Cook

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We millennials experience a lot of uncertainty, whether it’s related to finances, relationships, or our lives’ overall purposes. With all of these things on our mind, we can find it hard to identify our priorities and feel anchored and purposeful as the tide of adulthood passes over us.

Thankfully, in his article “The Gospel and the Good Life,” Elder Quentin L. Cook helps us identify what our priorities should be. Ultimately, he says, our primary concern should be the strengthening and cherishing of our faith and our family. As we focus on these things, we can live and experience “the good life.”

That doesn’t mean that other pursuits aren’t important; in fact, Elder Cook gives an account of two men who took their career pursuits very seriously. The difference between the two is that one man put his career above his faith and family, and the more imporant things suffered as a result. The other man, however, cherished his faith and family above everything else, while still taking his job seriously. This man, Elder Cook says, had struck the balance and was living the good life.

Elder Cook concludes by noting how little the world has to offer us compared to the glorious blessings that the gospel of Jesus Christ offers us and our families. If we take advantage of the simple invitation to follow Jesus Christ, we can be sure that, during less-than-ideal circumstances, family and the gospel of Jesus Christ will be our anchor as we experience the good life.

Read the full text of Elder Quentin L. Cook’s article “The Gospel and the Good Life.”

Source: Ensign

—Tyler Garrett, Mormon Insights

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