The Plan of Salvation: Temple Marraige

Preserving the Sanctity of Marriage in Modern Times

In today’s world, marriage is being attacked and ridiculed; we should restore its importance now more than ever.

Marriage doesn’t have the same importance today as it once did. The narrative around marriage tends to lean in one of two directions: One is toward a twisted picture of misery and unhappiness, signaling the end of so-called joy and freedom. The other leans toward a superficial publicity stunt where millions of dollars are spent creating the picture-perfect wedding, making a spectacle of a worldly ceremony, and hosting a massive reception filled with alcohol, dancing, and fine dining. The materialistic side of wedding ceremonies gets the spotlight while the true purpose of marriage is lost in the muddled messaging—a husk of a ceremony with little to no meaning.

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However, Elder Russell M. Nelson offers a different view on marriage in his talk “Disciples of Jesus Christ—Defenders of Marriage,” where he describes the support and happiness that men and women can enjoy in marriage: “As partners, you and your spouse will work together to achieve mutual goals and enjoy the fruits of your labors.” Such language and understanding are rare in the world, which pressures us to conform to a worldly view that marriage is either hollow or materialistic.

So how do we restore sacredness to marriage? First, we can remember that marriage is key to the plan of salvation and the family unit and is meant to be sanctified and cherished rather than flashy and superficial. Second, as Elder Nelson says, we can “proclaim God’s truth with clarity and kindness, even when His truth is politically unpopular!” We can be vigilant in keeping the sacredness of marriage safe from the shifting standards of the world.

Read more about ways to preserve the sacredness of marriage in Elder Russell M. Nelson’s talk “Disciples of Jesus Christ—Defenders of Marriage.”

Source: BYU Speeches

—Hannah L. Hubbard, Latter-Day Saint Insights 

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