To Hear the Savior Pray for You

How would it feel if we could hear the Savior pray for us? As we improve our personal prayers, we can experience what that might feel like.  

I walked inside, exhausted. Why do I even go on dates if I always come back so drained? Maybe I’m alone in this feeling, but sometimes, especially after first dates, I feel like the guy and I have spent a lot of time talking at each other instead of to each other. I sat on the couch and started thinking about the date. As I sat wondering why the communication was so jerky, my thoughts (oddly enough) turned to prayer. Sometimes when I pray, I feel like I’m talking at Heavenly Father instead of to Heavenly Father. I want my prayers to be sincere, but I often don’t know how to change the at phenomenon.

A silhouette of a man is standing on a mountain looking out at a beautiful sunset. There is a quote on the picture that says, "Prayer becomes more meaningful as we counsel with the Lord . . . express heartfelt gratitude . . . [and] as we pray for others."

Photo by Colton Duke

In the talk “Pray Always,” Elder David A. Bednar addresses this issue. According to Elder Bednar, “Prayer becomes more meaningful as we counsel with the Lord in all our doings . . . as we express heartfelt gratitude . . . [and] as we pray for others with real intent and a sincere heart.” Elder Bednar continues, “The Savior is the perfect example of praying for others with real intent. In his great Intercessory Prayer uttered on the night before his Crucifixion, Jesus prayed for his Apostles and all of the Saints.”

As I listened to Elder Bednar’s words after my date, I realized that I wasn’t following the steps he’d outlined. I realize there’s no magic formula, but there are things I can do to make my prayers more meaningful. Listening to this talk left me wondering: How would I feel if I could hear the Savior praying for me? Would it sound like he’s talking at Heavenly Father or to him?

Praying doesn’t have to feel like a long, absentminded conversation on a first date. As we strive to make prayer more meaningful and think about Christ’s example of how to pray, we can begin a natural, easy conversation with God.

Read Elder David A. Bednar’s talk “Pray Always” to learn more about how to make your prayers more meaningful.


—Elizabeth Gallacher, Latter-day Saint Insights


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