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Trying: Improving Our Efforts by Taking the Name of Christ

As we try our best during trials, we can lean on Jesus Christ for support. We fortify our relationship with Christ as we direct our energy to service.

“I’ve been having a hard time adjusting

I had the shiniest wheels, now they’re rusting

I just wanted you to know

That this is me trying”

Taylor Swift, “this is me trying”

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Navigating both trials and expectations can be overwhelming. At times, we may feel inadequate, and that our attempts are feeble. President Henry B. Eyring offers reassurance: “The loving God who allowed these tests for you also designed a sure way to pass through them. Heavenly Father so loved the world that He sent His Beloved Son to help us.”

In his October 2018 General Conference talk “Try, Try, Try,” President Eyring teaches how relying on Jesus Christ is central to overcoming our trials. He explains that we can take upon us the name of Christ and feel His influence in our lives. Taking on the name of Christ is not just something that happens when we make our baptismal covenant. In fact, when we renew our covenants each Sunday (D&C 20:77), we only commit that we are willing to do so. President Eyring suggests that we take Christ’s name on ourselves as we serve Him, feel His love, and extend that love to others. 

President Eyring assures us, “The Lord has opportunities near you to feel and to share His love … You will feel the love of God for you and for the person you serve for Him. As you help children of God in their troubles, your own troubles will seem lighter. Your faith and your hope will be strengthened.”

As we focus on Christ and feel His love for ourselves and others, we can know He accepts our efforts. With His support we will overcome our trials. By taking the name of Christ, our “trying” is sufficient.

We may feel inadequate to make a difference in someone else’s life. President Eyring promises, “You can pray with confidence for the Lord to lead you to love someone for Him. He answers the prayers of meek volunteers like you.” The Lord knows our hearts and answers our prayers.

Read more about fortifying your efforts through Christ in “Try, Try, Try” by President Eyring.


—Lydia Mercado, Latter-day Saint Insights 


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