Come Follow Me: More Than Just a Manual

The Church’s new program invites us to become more converted in our love of Christ through teaching gospel truths.

Christians everywhere recognize the phrase “Come, follow me” as Christ’s invitation to follow his example. In October 2016, Elder Robert D. Hales taught about this invitation to follow the Savior in his talk “Come, Follow Me’ by Practicing Christian Love and Service.” Elder Hales said, “As the Savior’s latter-day disciples, we come unto Him by loving and serving God’s children.”

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Serving others is a simple way we can follow Christ. But one less obvious principle of service is teaching others. Elder Hales taught, “Our Christian love and service naturally begin in the home. Parents, you are called to be loving teachers and missionaries to your children and youth.…You bear the responsibility to help them become converted. In truth, all of us are seeking to be converted—which means being filled with our Savior’s love.” We help others feel the Savior’s love by living and teaching gospel principles, both in and out of our homes.

Although Elder Hales gave this talk before the new Come, Follow Me curriculum was announced, he emphasizes conversion through loving and teaching, which is also a focus of the new program. The curriculum can enhance our personal scripture study and our study of the gospel at home with our families. This consistent emphasis on teaching shows that Elder Hales’ remarks were no coincidenceteaching really is a powerful tool for both showing and receiving Christlike love.

Elder Hales promised that through teaching and “[sharing] your testimony of the gospel, your faith will grow and your confidence will increase!”

Find more ways to follow Christ in Elder Hales’ full talk, “‘Come, Follow Me’ by Practicing Christian Love and Service.”

Source: General Conference of the Church

—Natasha Andersen, Mormon Insights


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