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Inspiring Others With Your Identity

Having a unique identity can seem important, but what’s more important is loving those who choose different paths than we do.

We live in a world with ever-increasing controversial opinions and views. Each of us may want a strong sense of individual identity, including our political perspectives, social outlooks, and how we look, dress, and act. However, sometimes that individualism can cause rifts between people of different opinions. Thankfully, there are ways to avoid this contention.

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In his October 2021 General Conference talk “The Greatest Possession,” Elder Jeffrey R. Holland acknowledges that “in our present moment we find all manner of divisions and subdivisions, sets and subsets, digital tribes and political identities, with more than enough hostility to go around.” However, he reminds us about the commandment to love one another. He teaches that “the love of God [should] set the tone for our own lives, for our relationships to each other and ultimately our feeling for all humankind”, and that when it does, “then old distinctions, limiting labels, and artificial divisions begin to pass away, and peace increases.”

By including this Christlike love in our identity, we can inspire others to do the same and find comfort in knowing that they will feel peace with us. 

Read the complete article by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland,  “The Greatest Possession”. 


—Alohilani Jacob, Latter-day Saint Insights


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