Bringing Peace to Those Around Us

The gospel of Jesus Christ can bring peace into both our personal lives and the larger world. Conflict and contention exist at every level of our fallen existence: international conflict, civil unrest, prejudice, discrimination, and broken homes are all around us. As disciples of Christ, we should seek resolutions to… Continue reading

The Blessings of Conflict

young boy holds his fist up in a fighting stance

None of us are immune to conflict. When approached the right way, conflicts can present the opportunity for us to better ourselves and magnify our faith. Conflict is abundant in today’s world, and it’s all too easy to walk away from an argument sure that we’re right and that the… Continue reading

Sibling Power

Siblings coloring.

Your siblings have the power to shape you. You have the power to make or break them. Find out how two brothers went from worst enemies to best friends. They may get on your nerves, but you’re stuck with them forever. Siblings can have a tendency to quarrel because they… Continue reading