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Rejoice in the Gathering of Israel

Fear and insecurities can keep us from gathering Israel, but the Lord will guide and bless us if we put our faith in him.

As young adults graduating high school and moving into the next stage of our lives, we are faced with many life-changing experiences. Among other things, we may advance our education, pursue potential job opportunities, and build relationships. In the face of these pivotal experiences, deciding to serve a mission to help gather Israel can be difficult, even if we feel prompted to do so. Elder Marcos A. Aidukaitis, in “Lift Up Your Heart and Rejoice,” emphasizes trusting in the Lord to direct our paths.

"We will be challenged at times, but the Lord Himself is our great exemplar and guide." By Marcos A. Aidukaitis


Elder Aidukaitis teaches that “everyone will have his or her own set of challenges. Such distractions can arise at precisely the time of embarking in the service of the Lord.” To serve a mission, perhaps we are sacrificing a potentially lucrative career opportunity, or our family isn’t thrilled with our desire to serve. Or perhaps we are experiencing fear and doubt in the face of the unknown. One particular challenge Elder Aidukaitis faced while preparing to leave for his mission was the threat of losing his place at his university. 

Whatever difficulties we face, the Lord knows our struggles, and he will guide and bless us if we put our faith in him and serve him. Elder Aidukaitis says, “We were born at this time for a divine purpose, the gathering of Israel. When we serve as full-time missionaries, we will be challenged at times, but the Lord Himself is our great exemplar and guide. … He will be by our side.” Elder Aidukaitis’s reassurance to trust in God is a powerful reminder of the blessings and life-changing experiences that follow when we faithfully serve the Lord.

Read “Lift Up Your Heart and Rejoice” by Elder Marcos A. Aidukaitis to learn more about how to trust God and find joy in gathering Israel.


—Reagan Weston, Latter-day Saint Insights


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