The Struggle to Grow Intellectually

Struggling is a part of life, especially in education. It is through our struggles, however, that we truly learn to grow. Making my way through community college and university hasn’t been all easy. Most classes I passed without too much struggle, but I can recall some classes that stressed me… Continue reading

Being Creative through Christ

God gave us all the potential to create. With the power of creativity, we can light up the world. I am an artist, and I love to draw. Usually, I draw as a pastime for personal enjoyment, but sometimes I draw for other people because I like establishing friendly relationships.… Continue reading

Befriending Our Missionaries

spiderweb over water

Missionaries are more than just the name tags they wear; they are individuals who need support just like us. When I returned home for the holidays last year, my family invited four missionaries over on Christmas Day: three that currently served in the ward, and one that had served in… Continue reading

Healing Mentally with God in Mind

When we struggle with mental health, God is an option. One day a friend of mine visited me. He told me that God knew what I was going through, that God could help me, and that God loved me. This message reminded me that there was hope for me, not… Continue reading