Love: The Key to Helping Lost Sheep

When your friend or family member strays from the gospel, love is what will help them most.

Has someone close to you become less-active or decided to leave the Church? It’s hard to watch someone you love walk away from something you know to be true. As their close friend or family member, how can you help them, encourage them, and remind them of the truths of the gospel?

In the April 2015 general conference, Elder Brent H. Nielson explains in his talk “Waiting for the Prodigal” the best way to help those who are lost.

Elder Nielson struggled to help his own sister, Susan, who left the Church. He explains that his and his brothers’ “persistent efforts to rescue her and to invite her back only pushed her further and further away.” It is easy to feel this way as you struggle to invite your loved ones to return to the gospel but don’t see positive results. After many years, Susan did return to the gospel. But it was not because the family bombarded her with invitations to go to church. Rather, it was simply because they loved Susan. They invited her to family functions and supported her in her personal achievements. They included Susan’s children in family activities, and they showed that they could depend on her. They let her know that they loved her. Their efforts were simple acts—and yet because they always loved Susan, she eventually returned to the Church.

Elder Nielson’s example of patience and love is the perfect solution to how we can help our loved ones return to the gospel.

Watch or read Elder Nielson’s talk, “Waiting for the Prodigal.”

—Shelisa Baldwin, Mormon Insights

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