How to Prioritize Your Happiness

Put your happiness first by balancing spiritual, personal, and temporal responsibilities.

Despite hectic schedules filled with work, school, church, and social responsibilities, living every day with joy in our hearts is possible. It’s a common belief that we need to be busy to be productive and valuable. But our value comes from more than just a busy lifestyle. As children of God, we have a divine mission to live the gospel of Jesus Christ and share its happiness with others. We can’t do that if we don’t prioritize happiness in our lives.

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In an April 1987 general conference address, Elder M. Russell Ballard made eight suggestions to help us prioritize happiness and achieve balance in our life:

  1.       Think about your life, then make priorities.
  2.       Set short-term goals you can reach.
  3.       Through wise budgeting, focus your spending on needs over wants.
  4.       Stay close to your family and friends.
  5.       Study the scriptures.
  6.       Schedule time on your daily calendar for sufficient rest, exercise, and relaxation.
  7.       Hold weekly family home evening.
  8.       Pray often.

This list brings us back to the basics of our eternal purpose. By following Elder Ballard’s suggestions, we will see our happiness align with Heavenly Father’s happiness. We can focus on the joy in our life instead of the chaos. Instead of feeling overpowered by demands on your time, we can be empowered to do the best we can.  

Learn more about how you can refocus your time and energy on a well-rounded lifestyle by following this link to read Keeping Life’s Demands in Balance.” 

Source: LDS General Conference

—Jillian Argento, Mormon Insights


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