How Can I “Think Celestial”?

The Christus statue from the Salt Lake Temple visitor's center

In the face of adversity, it can be difficult to believe that God loves and wants the best for us. We can manage this doubt by thinking celestial. I had a rough year in 2019 (little did I know what 2020 had coming for us all!): my family moved from… Continue reading

What Heavenly Mother Teaches Us About the Plan of Salvation

By knowing what church leaders say about Heavenly Mother, we can know our place in the Plan of Salvation. Latter-day Saint Insights has published several articles detailing who Heavenly Mother is, how we venerate her, and how knowing about her can help us. Each article provides keen insights about Heavenly… Continue reading

Jesus Christ’s Beloved Enemy

Jesus washing the feet of his disciples

During his Last Supper, Christ washed the feet of Judas Iscariot. By doing so, Christ set the ultimate example of what it means to “love your enemy.”  For over a millennium, the teachings of Jesus Christ have inspired spiritual growth for those who study and accept his words. During his… Continue reading