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Career or Motherhood: You Can Do Both

Women frequently think they have to choose either a career or motherhood, but they can enjoy both with support from those around them.

The world often insists that women need to raise their children from home, but the world also claims that women fall short of their full potential if they “sacrifice” their education and careers for home-based motherhood. These two opposing—and harmful—views weigh heavily on the minds of many mothers, who feel pressured to decide between the two. But balancing both is possible.

"Perhaps the best way to counter the false messages we receive from the world is by giving each other loving and understanding support."  —Jan Underwood Pinborough


Jan Underwood Pinborough explains the irony working mothers face in her article “Working Double-Time: The Working Mother’s Dilemma.” She states that motherhood is an honorable, full-time job—not part-time—but sometimes mothers need to work to support their families financially. However, whether a woman decides to be a stay-at-home or working mom usually incurs judgment and unfair criticism from welcome and unwelcome parties. The world would have women believe that there is no way to succeed: if they’re not at home, they’re failing their children, and if they’re not at work, they’re failing themselves.

Pinborough suggests, “Perhaps the best way to counter the false messages we receive from the world is by giving each other loving and understanding support. We can believe in each other—applauding each others’ contributions, refraining from judging, and giving empathy and help in our difficulties.” 

How is it possible for women to juggle both motherhood and a career despite contradicting messages? As Pinborough concludes, through all types of support. We can help women find peace in the decisions they make. We can be understanding and compassionate to women who are doing their best to find balance while meeting their families’ needs. By showing support to women, we can lighten the load they carry.

Read Jan Underwood Pinborough’s article “Working Double-Time: The Working Mother’s Dilemma” to learn more about the difficult choices mothers face in raising a family and working.

Source: Ensign

—Camila Roldan, Latter-day Saint Insights


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  1. I love how this post addresses the notion that women do not have to choose between two things and instead focuses on uplifting women no matter what their choices are. Great insight!

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