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Combating Suicide

The LDS Church has recently launched a new webpage, “Preventing Suicide,” to combat suicide and its traumatic effects. 

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Suicide is difficult for many of us to talk about—perhaps because we don’t want to be vulnerable, make others uncomfortable, or say the wrong thing to someone who we know is struggling. We need help, but we don’t know where to turn.

Preventing Suicide,” a new webpage of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, can help us know what to do in these sensitive situations. The site, which was recently launched in conjunction with National Suicide Prevention Month in September 2016, provides a plethora of specially selected resources to aid you in your fight against suicide. Whether you need help immediately with your own suicidal thoughts, are worried about a friend, or are seeking healing from past experiences with suicide, there are specific resources and answers for you.

In recent years, the need for such guidance is only becoming clearer. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, “Suicide is the second leading cause of death for young people ages 15 to 34.” Over the last twenty years, suicide rates have increased for every age group. This is strong evidence that we need to take action, seek help ourselves, and be a support to those around us.

To those who feel downtrodden in your own search for recovery, President Thomas S. Monson declares with a prophetic witness, “God’s love is there for you whether or not you feel you deserve love. It is simply always there.” All of us need to remind one another of this powerful truth. Through our demonstrations of love and understanding, those struggling may be able to feel of God’s love again. Through our non-judgmental listening, they may be able to find relief from hardships. Through our consistent support, they may be able to seek help in order to recover.

If your life has been affected by suicide in any way, these resources can be invaluable to your progress and healing.

Visit the Church’s new webpage “Preventing Suicide”  to find out what you can do to combat suicide and help those around you do the same.


—Faith Sutherlin Blackhurst, Mormon Insights

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  1. I really liked reading this article. I’m not very informed about the issues that come along with suicide, so it’s nice to know that even the Church has some resources that are available for me to read. It’s good to know that just listening is key in helping someone who struggles with or who has struggled with suicidal thoughts.

  2. Thank you for highlighting this resource. I believe that the Church has many good resources that I simply don’t know about, and this one is important for knowing how to help people who need it the most.

  3. I’m glad that suicide is a topic that the Church openly addresses now. The Atonement can heal any kind of physical or mental illness and help us feel a renewed sense of hope. I’ve had suicide strike my family and it’s an especially devastating trial. But, through that experience, I’ve had more compassion for those who struggle with suicidal thoughts. I know that the Savior has compassion for them and for their family members.

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  5. i like this article, it has a lot of info i need to know, thanks for sharing

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